Africarare Litepaper
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Africarare: Empowering African Connection to the Global Economy Africarare stands at the forefront of empowering Africans to be truly connected to the global economy. Recognising the need for Africa-homegrown tech solutions that resonate with the continent's mobile-first young demographics, Africarare has emerged as a pioneering AI-powered mixed reality environment, providing an inclusive and immersive experience for users throughout the region.
Celebrating African Creativity in the Metaverse At its core, Africarare is dedicated to building a metaverse that celebrates African creativity. This 3D virtual reality experience, powered by the Ethereum and Polygon blockchains, unfolds in Ubuntuland, a vibrant virtual world where creativity, crypto, and commerce converge harmoniously.
Ubuntuland: A Dynamic Platform for Creativity and Commerce Ubuntuland serves as a dynamic platform, empowering users to create, experience, and monetize a diverse array of content and applications. From art exhibitions and concerts to film festivals, business meetings, play-to-earn games, and social interactions, the possibilities within the metaverse are boundless. Africarare offers a realm of meaningful metaverse experiences, allowing creators to monetize their digital goods and services in novel ways. Key features of Ubuntuland
  • Art exhibitions
  • Concerts
  • Film festivals
  • Business meetings
  • Play-to-earn games
  • Social interactions
Land Ownership and Its Value in Ubuntuland Central to Ubuntuland's allure is the 204,642 plots of land, positioned and priced based on a tiered value system. Land ownership within the community confers users full control over their creations, enabling them to determine the content that graces their parcels. As users traverse the virtual landscape, they encounter diverse neighborhoods and applications, discovering content through adjacency. The scarcity of land fuels the power of this discovery, encouraging developers to strategically acquire land in high-traffic areas, and fostering the development of secondary markets centered around land ownership and rentals.
Beyond Land: Customisation and Community Building The opportunities extend beyond land ownership, as users can customize their territories to host shops, produce resources, house NPCs, develop games, and craft tailored experiences for their communities. Future developments like staking, DAO, and blockchain play-to-earn gaming are on the horizon, further enriching the Africarare experience. For various customisation options
  • Hosting shops
  • Producing resources
  • Housing NPCs
  • Developing games
  • Crafting tailored experiences
Uniting Users in Virtual Villages and Tribes Within this vibrant metaverse, users are invited to unite within tribes or establish their own communities in virtual village's, forming hubs of like-minded interests and adjacencies. The spirit of sharing and community thrives as users can buy, sell, or rent digital assets within Africarare, fostering a dynamic ecosystem of creativity and commerce.
The UBU Token: Fuelling the Africarare Economy To fuel these interactions, the digital utility token within Ubuntuland is the UBU token, residing on the Polygon blockchain. This versatile token unlocks every aspect of Africarare, from purchasing, developing, selling, or renting plots in Ubuntuland to in-world acquisitions of digital goods and services. With a robust system of title deeds and certifications of ownership, Africarare ensures transparent and legitimate transactions, underpinning the metaverse's secure and trustworthy nature.
Futureproof Africa - Empowering the Continent’s Digital Renaissance Africarare's commitment to building a flourishing user-powered economy, combined with its innovative revenue model and token system, sets the stage for a truly transformative experience, harnessing the vast potential of Africa's creative talent and fostering meaningful connections within the global digital landscape.