Origin Tribes

Tribes play a significant role in Africarare's Ubuntuland, serving as social and decision-making bodies. The Origin Tribes, the original inhabitants, coexist with Settler Tribes, consisting of individuals who have joined the community from around the world. These tribes are represented by 3D avatars that users inhabit, allowing them to traverse Africarare, socialize, create, work, earn, and trade. The Origin Tribes have rarity categories, ranging from Africarare Royal Family (completely unique) to Natural.

The Origin Tribes have different rarity categories, which are:

  • Africarare — Royal Family (all unique)

  • Ultra-rare — range between 300-800

  • Rare — range between 1200-1800

  • Scarce — range between 1800-3500

  • Natural — range between 2400-6000

Currently, two Origin Tribes — the Normunda Tribe and the Boity Tribe — are active, with plans to introduce more tribes soon.

Ubuntuland invites you to unleash your creativity, explore new horizons, and connect with a vibrant community in a mixed-reality environment that celebrates Africa's rich culture, diversity, and untapped potential.

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