Origin Tribes

Many tribes formed in Africarare Ubuntuland, with the Mambo Council serving as the body through which societal decisions are made. The Origin Tribes were the original inhabitants, and Settler Tribes formed as people joined the community from around the world. The tribes are made up of 3D avatars that users inhabit to move around Africarare to socialise, create, work, earn or trade. The Origin Tribes have the same rarities categories, which are:
Africarare - Royal Family (all unique)
Ultra-rare - range between 300-800
Rare - range between 1200-1800
Scarce - range between 1800-3500
Natural - range between 2400-6000
Africarare is starting with two Origin Tribes in Q1 of 2022: the Normunda Tribe and the Boity Tribe, with the plan to launch 3 to 4 more tribes in 2022.