The Marketplace

The marketplace is where creators and developers can trade in-world assets between users. It’s the place to buy land, avatars, avatar additions and all other goods and services that are and will be available in Ubuntuland. Users will also be able to trade on secondary platforms like Opensea and others.
In the marketplace, economic principles of supply and demand are automatically integrated into the system, allowing the community to determine the fair price of user generated assets. The biggest strength of the marketplace is that creators of assets can generate tangible real-world value from the content they create.
In future the Africarare Editor may become available for users to design their own environments, avatars and other digital goods, services and applications that they can then sell or rent out by advertising it in the marketplace.
We are excited by the opportunity to build new kinds of business models with this user-powered economy, both in terms of our revenue model and our token model. $UBU tokens have the potential to provide immediate liquidity to players and investors. The valuation of the $UBU token is calculated according to what users will be able to invest/build/play/trade inside our metaverse.