Africarare Litepaper
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The Central Hub

🌐 Welcome to Ubuntuland Welcome to Ubuntuland, the vibrant mixed reality world of Africarare. Step into the virtual realm as an NFT avatar and immerse yourself in the central village's welcoming area, where your journey begins. Here, you have the opportunity to shape your unique persona and build your crypto portfolio within virtual Africa. Explore the marketplace to discover and acquire distinct items to personalise your avatar, reflecting your style and preferences. Join one of the tribes in Ubuntuland and unlock your full potential in this dynamic virtual world.
  • Step into the vibrant mixed reality world of Africarare.
  • Begin your journey in the central village's welcoming area as an NFT avatar.
  • Shape your unique persona and build your crypto portfolio within virtual Africa
Diverse Spaces for Every Need Ubuntuland offers a range of spaces designed to cater to the needs of its diverse community. Whether you seek spaces for work, play, or wellness, you'll find dedicated areas tailored to those purposes. From state-of-the-art meeting rooms and online therapy spaces offering optional anonymity to world-class concert stages, film festival venues, and serene meditation lounges, Ubuntuland provides a host of dynamic interactive environments to engage and inspire.
The Central Hub: A Gateway to Creativity The Central Hub, reserved for Africarare's custom-made experiences, serves as a gateway to a plethora of engaging activities and immersive adventures. From art showcases and educational initiatives to live performances, stand-up comedy, video content channels, film festivals, and virtual safaris, the Central Hub is a hub of creativity and exploration. The marketplace focuses on four main areas: Art, Ubuntuland, Avatars & Skins, and Digital Services. Immerse yourself in curated art from experienced and emerging African artists, showcased in two main galleries — the Mila Gallery, showcasing renowned African artists, and the Inuka Gallery, featuring up-and-coming talents. Future artists will have the opportunity to establish their own art shops by purchasing or renting parcels of land to sell their own NFT art.
Industry-Specific Hubs Within Ubuntuland, various hubs cater to specific interests and industries, forming the heart of the community's activities. From the Financial Hub and Entertainment Hub to the Fashion and Design Hub, there's a hub for every passion and pursuit. These hubs provide spaces for socializing, learning, collaboration, and trade, fostering a vibrant and interconnected community.
  • Curated art from experienced and emerging African artists.
  • Two main galleries: Mila Gallery and Inuka Gallery.
  • Future artists can establish their own art shops on purchased or rented land.
These are the current hubs, with more to be added in the future:
  • Central hub
  • Financial hub
  • Entertainment hub
  • Fashion and Design hub
  • Crypto hub
  • Retail & Shopping hub x 3
  • Sports hub x 3
  • Tech hub x 3
  • Education hub x 3
  • Food hub x 3
  • Gaming hub x 3
  • Mystic hub x 3
  • Meditation Room
  • Virtual Concert Stages
  • Caffeine Connection
  • Immersive Meeting Rooms
  • Infinite Learning Spaces
  • Future-Tech Boardrooms
  • Revival Room
  • Therapy Room