How can the UBU token serve Africarare Ubuntuland best?

Africarare Ubuntuland is a social good driven mixed reality platform, ingraining a "for good" aspect into its activities and events.

In Africarare Ubuntuland's digital world, people can explore social events, meet high-profile individuals and celebrities, create their own unique experiences, and discover offerings from top brands in the digital space and beyond. Adding to its appeal, Africarare Ubuntuland strongly emphasizes bettering Africa as a continent, integrating charity and developmental work closely within the metaverse.

As a result, the token facilitates the following:

  • Effortless transactions between artists, brands, and users.

  • Donation and rewarding functionalities.

  • A means of value exchange.


Africarare Ubuntuland caters to a diverse community, welcoming both newcomers to the metaverse with no prior Web3 experience and seasoned crypto veterans. The primary focus within this vibrant metaverse is on socializing, self-expression, exclusive experiences, and growth.

A Tier Based Staking System

In the future UBU holders can enhance their profiles and unlock a range of tier-based experiences and perks throughout Africarare Ubuntuland. These tiers offer a whole host of benefits, such as improved experiences, exclusive access to events, upgrades for apparel, and unlocks for various digital items not available to all Ubuntulanders.

Users will be able to claim their Tier based NFT depending on their UBU holding.

When you reach a new Tier based on the time holding you will be able to claim your Tier NFT.

The versatility of the tiered system enables limitless gamification possibilities within the digital world, allowing it to be applied to Africarare Ubuntuland events, shows, classrooms, charity villages, and even vanity items.

What makes this system even more compelling is its independent applicability to any future content created within Africarare Ubuntuland.

This level of creative freedom empowers brands, artists, and builders to craft unique villages and experiences within the digital world, tailoring their offerings to specific audiences and enhancing user engagement. The result is a dynamic and ever-evolving environment, rich with diverse content and immersive interactions for all participants to enjoy.

When you stake your UBU tokens you will get rUBU rewards. You can then claim and swap your UBU to UBU.

Exclusive Assets

Users gain access to exclusive digital art, building materials, and in-world assets at specific tiers that can be utilized within the experience builder, land plot, or virtual home.

Exclusive Access

Different tiers within Africarare Ubuntuland grant access to varying levels of experiences, leveraging the creators' economy to offer tailored interactions based on the loyalty, followership, and commitment of their fan base. Through staking UBU, users provide vital support to their favorite key celebrities, enhancing their presence and activities in Africarare Ubuntuland. Hereunder are some examples that may be implemented:

Recognition of donors

Staking in a Charity village or making direct donations would also lead to tier upgrades for the profiles of the generous contributors. This grants them access to a range of perks, allows them to track their progress, receive apparel upgrades, and other distinct identifiers that showcase their commitment to charitable giving, especially if it's a recurring practice.

For instance, consider the "Drops of Life" campaign, where a donor receives a unique floating droplet sprite, visibly accompanying their avatar, symbolizing their generous contributions to the charity.

How Can Users Raise Their Profile Tiers?

To partake in the tiered system and stake UBU, users only need UBU tokens and patience, as the system operates on a time-based mechanism.

Upon entering Africarare Ubuntuland, each user is assigned an initial tier, starting at 0. They can then progress through the tier levels by:-

a) staking a certain amount of UBU tokens; and

b) maintaining their stake over time. The longer they stake and the more tokens they commit, the higher their tier will rise, granting them access to various privileges and benefits as they evolve within the metaverse.


Tier 0 - Wanderer

Tier 1 - Journeyman

Tier 2 - Tribesman

Tier 3 - Chieftain

Tier 4 - Noble

Tier 5 - Royal

By staking a minimum of 50 USD worth of UBU, users can unlock the growth of their profile. With this staking commitment, their profile tier will increase by one tier per month, up to a maximum of Tier 4, as long as they continue to maintain their stake of UBU.

However, should a user decide to unstake all their UBU, their profile tier will revert to Tier 0. Depending on which amount of UBU is left in the staking pool upon unstaking, the earnt Tiers can be preserved.

Below are the examples explaining possible scenarios:

  1. Tod stakes 50 UBU and reaches Tier 2 in two months. If he decides to unstake, his profile will revert to Tier 0 and no longer be in the growth phase (as only uninterrupted, continuous staking earns Tiers).

  2. Jannet stakes 1000 UBU, starts at Tier 1 and achieves Tier 3 in two months. She then unstakes 500 UBU, causing her tiers to reset back to Tier 1, since she still qualifies for a 500 UBU bracket. From then on, she continues to accrue Tiers and can reach Tier 4 in 3 months as before.

  3. Tod decides to stake 1,500 UBU, granting him the additional reward of jumping straight to Tier 2. As a result, it takes him only 2 months to reach Tier 4.

  4. Mark stakes 3,000 UBU and begins at Tier 3 immediately. Due to the substantial stake, Mark only requires 1 month of continuous staking to reach Tier 4.


In the initial stages, Africarare Ubuntuland will be governed by Africarare. The decisions on project’s roadmap, future implementations, content changes and moderation, tokenomics, charity partners and treasury token deployments will be made and implemented by Africarare. This will be a purely centralized approach, however Africarare will open numerous feedback gathering channels and steer the project towards community and partner needs.

At the later stages Africarare aims to transition Ubuntuland towards a Decentralized Autonomous Organisation (DAO), meaning that decision making is increasingly more and more decentralized and made by UBU token holders, community members and partners. In a DAO governance approach, project change proposals will be submitted to a governance platform and decisions will be integrated according to the votes collected.

User Journeys within the Africarare Ubuntuland Ecosystem

Africarare Ubuntuland participants can be split into 4 categories:

  • Ubuntulanders (Web2 and Web3 native visitors of the metaverse).

  • Creators, artists, and builders.

  • Village owners or brands who own venues.

  • Charities.

Each of these groups can be characterized by distinct user journeys and specific points of interaction among themselves and within the digital landscape of Africarare Ubuntuland.


An Ubuntulander is the end-user of all experiences within the Africarare Ubuntuland. They join the platform to explore, socialize, attend events, buy clothing items, event tickets, and donate to charities. By participating in the staking system, Ubuntulanders earn staking rewards in the form of UBU tokens. Staking also increases their profile Tiers with time, unlocking various digital rewards.


Within Africarare Ubuntuland, anyone can express themselves through experience building and art creation. Experience creators typically start by purchasing a land NFT, constructing unique experiences on their land plots, and subsequently selling entry tickets to those experiences.

On the other hand, artists will have the ability to craft art pieces, digital items, wearables offering them for sale on the Africarare Ubuntuland NFT marketplace.

Village Owner or Brand

Brand or IP owners, as well as celebrities, can establish their own villages in Africarare Ubuntuland. After acquiring land, village owners can create venues and experiences and potentially implement reward systems, whether tiered or not, for participants.

Users can stake their UBU tokens in these villages, earning unique tiers and rewards specific to the particular village. The village creator receives 50% of the staking rewards that UBU stakers received.

Moreover, villages can sell NFTs, and entry passes to their venues, events, and experiences.

Charity Charity partners within Africarare Ubuntuland function similarly to village owners, except that the rewards collected by the charity village are donated to the chosen cause. Users interact with charity venues, participate in charity-based experiences, and make purchases of NFTs and apparel, all while reaping tier-based rewards.

Every participant within the Africarare Ubuntuland ecosystem contributes to charitable causes and the growth of Africa!


UBU lies at the core of the Africarare Ubuntuland metaverse and extends its impact beyond. Every purchase, transaction, and interaction involving UBU plays a crucial role in supporting the ecosystem, facilitated through a 5% transaction fee:

  • 0.5% goes to the Charities pool

  • 2.5% goes to the Africarare Ubuntuland’s Treasury

  • 2.0% goes to the Staking Reward pool

Treasury The Treasury refills play a crucial role in guaranteeing the continuous growth, nurturing, and enhancement of Africarare Ubuntuland. The tokens held within the Treasury are utilized to ensure the following:

  • Sustainable Development: The Treasury funds are channeled into sustainable projects and initiatives, fostering the evolution and progress of the platform. More information on initiatives that would be targeted -

  • Ongoing Care: The Treasury supports ongoing maintenance and upkeep, ensuring that Africarare Ubuntuland remains a thriving and well-maintained digital world for all its participants.

Charities Pool The Charities pool receives continuous contributions with each transaction made within Africarare Ubuntuland. This means that even if you are not directly donating or staking UBU within the charities village, you can take comfort in knowing that your actions are making a positive impact. Every transaction you participate in contributes towards saving lives and fostering a brighter future for Africa's continent.

Initially, Africarare will oversee the management of the Charities pool. However, as we transition towards a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO), token holders themselves will have the power to decide how the charity pool flows through DAO governance. This transition ensures that the community can actively participate in the decision-making process, aligning the metaverse's efforts with the collective vision and values of its users.

Staking Rewards Pool Staking Rewards Pool is an UBU token pool dedicated for collection and distribution of staking rewards. Each transaction within Africarare Ubuntuland fills staking rewards pool via a portion of transaction fee, while each user staking UBU token gets rewarded with UBU tokens coming from Staking Rewards Pool. The fill and distribution is a circular process coming through Staking Rewards Pool.

Initially, the Staking Rewards Pool holds a certain amount of tokens to encourage staking and offer attractive returns. As the metaverse matures and transactions proliferate, with more partners and users joining the digital world, the 2% transaction cut becomes a potent refill mechanism. This sustainable approach ensures the tiered-based staking system can thrive for many years to come, reducing reliance solely on the initial pool allocation.

These key pools play a vital role in providing ongoing support to Africarare Ubuntuland's digital world, facilitating its smooth operations and expansion, and strengthening its identity as a charity-focused AI powered mixed reality platform.

Token Ecosystem Map

Early Adopter Incentives

Africarare Ubuntuland places a strong emphasis on incentivizing three key user groups to join the platform early on:

  • Creators

  • Web2 Users

  • Staking System Participants

The Community Incentives pool is specifically designed to offer enhanced rewards in UBU tokens to early adopters who enter the vibrant world of Africarare Ubuntuland. Here's how it benefits different user groups: 1) Creators: Africarare Ubuntuland values creators and their contributions to the platform. As an incentive, the Community Incentives pool grants creators increased UBU token rewards for their efforts in crafting engaging experiences and building the metaverse's captivating world. These rewards are thoughtfully distributed from the Community Incentives pool during creator Marketing onboarding campaigns. There rewards will be distributed as additional rewards for early creators, meaning UBU rewards will come on top of the 95% creator cut from sold art, experience tickets and NFTs.

2) Web2 Users: To welcome Web2 users into the metaverse, the Community Incentives pool extends rewards in various forms. Some may receive club card points at retail or grocery shops, while others enjoy digital credits within Web2 apps or cashback opportunities available within the metaverse itself. These rewards aim to create a seamless and rewarding transition for Web2 users, drawing them into the exciting realm of Africarare Ubuntuland.

3) Early Stakers and Tiered System Users: The Community Incentives pool also caters to early stakers and tiered system participants by offering an increased rate of UBU rewards. These rewards are thoughtfully distributed from the Staking Rewards pool, providing additional motivation for users to actively engage in staking and tier progression, thereby contributing to the metaverse's growth and sustainability.

Token Sale

UBU shall only be made available for purchase through its token sale or on the secondary exchange market.

UBU Token will create 1,000,000,000 (1 billion) UBU tokens at the token generation event as its total token supply. No more tokens will be created. These tokens will be sold according to the following structure:

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