AI Technology

Africarare boldly pioneers the integration of advanced AI agents as shop salesmen within its retail stores, leading a groundbreaking approach to the retail experience in the metaverse. By seamlessly blending the power of AI technology with the immersive virtual environment, Africarare unlocks an exciting new chapter in user engagement, redefining the future of virtual commerce. With AI-powered shop salesmen, users are treated to personalized and interactive shopping experiences, enhancing the sense of immersion and authenticity within Africarare's digital realm.

The strategic implementation of AI agents is a testament to Africarare's forward-thinking approach, seeking to elevate interactions, streamline user journeys, and deliver tailor-made experiences for each individual. As the metaverse evolves, AI technology will continue to be a driving force behind Africarare's commitment to innovation and user satisfaction, fostering an unparalleled level of engagement and efficiency in the virtual world. Embracing AI as a core component, Africarare embarks on a journey to shape the future of virtual commerce, empowering users to explore, connect, and create within this captivating digital realm.

Blockchain Technology

Africarare harnesses the transformative potential of blockchain technology, leveraging its capabilities to record ownership of tokens and enable seamless transfer, sale, and use of assets within the metaverse. To ensure robust and secure storage of digital assets, best practice is utilized, safeguarding assets from unauthorized modifications. The Africarare ecosystem integrates three distinct blockchain protocols, each serving a specific purpose:

  • ERC-20 for $UBUNTU and $KITO tokens facilitate smooth transactions within the Africarare platform.

  • ERC-1155 and ERC-721 for Digital Assets provide a versatile framework for storing and trading unique 3D models, avatars, and other user-generated content.

The decision to adopt Ethereum as the underlying blockchain with Polygon as a layer 2 stems from its numerous advantages, including its user-friendly interface and extensive developer support. The network's robustness, validated by widespread adoption, ensures a secure environment for users. Moreover, Ethereum's interoperability allows seamless interactions between different applications and platforms, fostering a thriving ecosystem.

While Ethereum has demonstrated robustness, the challenge of scalability is being addressed through ongoing technological advancements. The Africarare team is actively exploring layer-2 solutions that leverage the Ethereum chain as a security anchor, paving the way for future scalability improvements without compromising the blockchain's core principles of security and decentralization. Thus utilising Polygon and becoming a multichain platform is the optimal way to ensure the best platform experience and reach more communities.


Africarare's implementation of ERC-1155/ERC721 on Polygon empowers seamless compatibility with any platform or wallet supporting these standards. Independent developers can leverage the plethora of assets created by Africarare players, fostering a dynamic ecosystem of creative collaborations.

Within the Africarare environment, five types of tokens define the digital landscape:

  • $UBUNTU tokens - the universal utility token enabling transactions across the platform.

  • LANDS - the immersive worlds created and owned by the community, serving as unique playing spaces.

  • ASSETS - user-generated 3D models traded in the marketplace, reflecting the diverse creativity of players.

  • ITEMS - ERC20 tokens burnt to imbue ASSETS with specific attributes, enhancing their functionalities.

  • $KITO - ERC20 tokens burnt to mint ASSETS, empowering users to associate various ITEMS with an ASSET based on its power.


Africarare prioritizes the robust security of its marketplace, relying on the proven security measures of the Polygon blockchain to ensure the integrity of its smart contracts. The platform's smart contract logic is further safeguarded by a multi-signature wallet, which employs the renowned Safe MultiSig wallet supported by three hardware wallets. This stringent approach ensures that only authorized parties can influence smart contract operations, enhancing the platform's overall security posture.

On the backend, Africarare adopts a data caching mechanism to track ownership through smart contract events, minimizing its responsibilities to preserve user privacy and data security. Temporary assets are also stored in a secure manner, ensuring the platform's seamless and efficient functioning without compromising user information.

To bolster the protection of fiat payment hot wallets, Africarare is implementing a daily auto-refill system, ensuring that only the minimum required amount of tokens is present at any given time. This precautionary measure mitigates the potential impact of a breach, further safeguarding user assets and financial transactions.

Africarare's software development practices adhere to best practices, embracing the principle of least privilege and rigorous management of passwords and secrets. The team continually works to reduce the system's surface area, minimizing potential vulnerabilities and enhancing the platform's overall resilience against potential security threats.

By embracing cutting-edge security measures and proactive development practices, Africarare maintains a secure and trustworthy environment for users to explore, create, and interact within the dynamic metaverse. The platform's commitment to safeguarding user assets and data underscores its dedication to providing a safe and enriching experience for the entire Africarare community.

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